Instalação Vídeo

Esta instalação vídeo apresenta cinco trabalhos em vídeo de artistas do Chile, EUA, Inglaterra, Filipinas e França. Todas estas obras, fazem à sua maneira, uma pequena reflexão sobre a Liberdade e nomeadamente a Liberdade de Expressão.
O Videolab pretende, com este projecto, fazer uma ligação com o espaço do Grémio Operário de Coimbra e fazer uma alusão ao cantor da Liberdade que foi José Afonso, associando-se ao Festival Ilha 12, que decorre naquele espaço entre 3 e 30 de setembro 2021.
O evento será inaugurado com a performance "Your way" de António Azenha.

YOUR WAY, de António Azenha
Dispositivo performativo, despoletando um certo estado noético de lucidez mental, de clarividência momentânea sugerindo a sensação de intemporalidade, descerramento temporário dos véus que os sentidos desenrolam entre os presentes e a verdadeira realidade.

Juan Pablo Molina Guerrero (Chile)
“Anál-isis callejero (Street anal-ysis)”,  8:00  | 2012
Two different locations: Valparaíso and Aysén, spaced by only a year. The value of the rebellion. Deconstruction of filming violence even if it is made by police or citizen. Texts plus images, recycling. Me against the other.

Gabriel Judet-Weinshel (EUA)
“Facechasers”, 4:00  | 2005

A man and a woman are chased through a bleak desert by faceless creatures and animated attack dogs. In the pursuit, one of them loses his life and one conceives an ingenious and surreal way to escape.

Janek Schaefer (Inglaterra)
“The Freedom of Speech”, 4:39  | 2006

The Freedom of Speech' is a work for typewriter and voice about the erosion of our civil liberties. 
In England you can now be arrested for simply standing on the street and reading out the names of those 
who died in the Iraq war. This is an unacceptable situation. 
The film begins with a blank sheet of paper. A 1950's typewriter firstly re-examines the classic quote about 'sticks and stones may break your bones'. Words are powerful but should not be the cause of so much 
suffering in the world. I believe that too many people worry too much about what others say to get them annoyed!... 
this in turn leads us to restrictions in what we ourselves are allowed to say in the 21st century... 
In the main section of the film we see the typewriter typing backwards - removing the letters and words from the page. 
The sounds and images are visually related and they become confusing.. we find it hard to understand due to the conflicting information... I finished this film on valentine’s day, as it seems to be my peaceful 
protest against overregulation when faced with fear of the unknown...
"There is nothing more wonderful than freedom of speech" [Ilya Ehrenburg]
“Words are just words. They mean nothing unless you allow them to".

Gabriela Krista Lluch Dalena (Filipinas)
“Red Saga”, 13:00  | 2004
Children of the land protect their harevest from thieves. A short poetic film about the peasant struggle and the protracted people's war in the Philippine countrysides.

Jean-Gabriel Périot (França)
“We are winning don't forget”, 7:00  | 2004

We are many We are uniforms We smile in the picture But We are NOT happy

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